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** The guest book was created on 2/1/08.

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Name: robert sample
Comments: John, I am writing to tell you what a pleasure Sir Walter has been to train and hunt with. Sir Walter is out of Rockin G Uodibar Rusty and Crk Okie Sue ZQ. He was born 3/11. His first hunt we were killing wild pheasant over him in South Dakota. Every season he has put some shame on older dogs. Most hunters comment " I have never seen such a high energy GSP. Walter is no lap dog and has only one thing on his mind--to find and hold birds till I get there. I am already excited about the next puppy I have on order with you now. I hunt almost every weekend during quail season in Oklahoma and Walter is always finding more birds than the rest of my kennel which includes English Pointers. Keep up the good breeding Rob Sample
Location: Arkansas, 

Name: Patrick
Comments: John, Just wanted to check in with you and tell you how impressed and happy I am with Nola. She was in Zee and boomers offspring. She is smart and has the best temperament. She was house broke in about a week and loves people and kids as well as all dogs. She's the smartest dog in her puppy obedience class.
Location: Texas, 

Name: Paul Martin
Comments: I bought a black and white GSP from Rocking G several years ago. "Boo" is the hardest working dog I've ever owned. He never, ever stops when the guns are out. He simply lives to hunt. He's a beautiful dog, smart and was a breeze to train. I have no complaints whatsoever about the dog or the service provided by Rockin' G kennels.
Location: Oklahoma, 

Name: Ron Watts
Comments: I have a male pup out of Boomer and Zee. About 5 months old and a very good looking pup that is showing a lot of desire. Have had in out and he is showing prey drive. Also retrieves to the hand and is partially wow broke at this time. Can't wait until bird season arrives as at 10 months I believe he will be ready for his first season.
Location: ok, 

Name: Tim
Comments: Sue l&w female pup,2012.elsie mae great bird dog and member of the family. she goes everywhere with me thanks Tim
Location: ok, 

Name: Bob Reynolds
Comments: Nice web site
Location: Ohio, 

Name: Jay Gomez
Comments: Just another note to say how pleased I have become with Rocking G's Carefree Charlie.I have NEVER had a GSP that EVERYBODY remarks how handsome he is.EVERYWHERE they remark how beautiful he is.He is 65 lbs of beastly muscle.We went on a 6000 mile 5 week bird hunt in Nov-Dec and visited his Granddaddy's kennel in MI.Scott is such a great guy.Charlie was the biggest and most handsome dog of 50 there.He did hunting things in Kansas were pure luck or brilliance.He found a covey in two minutes once and another time in 30 seconds at WIHA in Kansas.Another time in Kansas we hunted 1/4 section and Charlie ain't a lap dog.He covers WAY more ground than the other 3 dogs and we went back to truck expecting Charlie to be there but he wasn't.We loaded up to go look for him and he comes back with a wounded Pheasant the other dog gave up on.San Carlos Rez in Az he hunted hard and locked 'em up plenty.Literally becoming a legend.Charlie is hand command trained and is very biddable.
Location: SC, 

Name: chris padilla
Comments: hello i have a livre&white femail 4yr old name jamie its been a great ride hunting with this dog, she learns quickly thees shorthairs have the best hose in the bissness what a great friend i will buy again from rockin G, thank you !!! chris padilla
Location: new mexico, 

Name: Craig
Comments: I purchased York's Whoaa Black Betty in 2008. She is awesome. I do not think we leave any birds undiscovered in the field. She is a diverse hunting dog; taking mixed bags every year of pheasant, ruffed grouse, sharp tailed grouse, Hungarians and sage grouse. Great stock. I look forward to my next dog from John.
Location: IN, 

Name: Brad Dolejsi
Comments: I have been Pheasant hunting with Baron for 4 years and what an amazing dog! The best thing about this dog is when he gets to the field he is all business, every person I have taken hunting with me has said this is the best dog they have ever had in the field. Baron also goes everywhere with me and loves sticking his head out of the Jeep. He is laid back and makes a great addition to the household, but you can tell that all he wants to do is hunt! Thanks John, what a great dog! Brad
Location: Oklahoma, 

Name: Kevin Kolbeck
Comments: Ozzie is now 13 months old and a real spitfire! I took him Pheasant hunting in November '12 for the first time and he did awesome! Hunted with two other older GSP males and did a great job. Very happy with Ozzy as a family pet and hunting companion!! Thanks John
Location: OK, 

Name: Wade Wagner
Comments: Annie Mae is just over 1 year now. I couldn't be any happier with her for her first season. She has a great solid point and honor. Never busts birds! Plain and simple nothin bad to say about her. Shows she came from amazing blood lines and a great kennel. Would gladly get more dogs from Rockin G Kennel!
Location: Oklahoma, 

Name: chris padilla
Comments: I have jamie she was the only liver&white femail in the litter,,just what i wanted she is great hunter quail& phasent ,,lots of fun..very happy with r.g.k,,,i will buy another dog,,soon. thank so much
Location: new mexico, 

Name: John
Comments: John, Sugar is awesome! At 7 months old she was hunting right beside my 2 year old. Loves hunting and is way ahead of my expectations. Thank you again!
Location: AR, 

Name: Jay
Comments: Just a note to let you know how proud I am of Charlie.RustyxFritzie.We were hunting next to King Ranch and the stamina and pure drive Charlie has just makes the other dogs look sadly lacking in appearance and desire.What a joy it is to receive compliments about how outstanding your dog has become.
Location: Texas, 

Name: Matt
Comments: John, Just wanted to update you on Turbo. Have had him out several times this fall on quail and pheasant. He is finding birds older dogs walk over and will hold point as long as the bird stays put. Not bad for only being 9 months old. Thanks for everything. He is a stud!
Location: Kentucky, 

Name: David
Comments: On Oct, 30,2010 I opened the Nebraska pheasant season with Luke(Born 5-3-10 out of Rusty & Pepper)he pointed 13 pheasants and found 5 cripples with one being tracked 200 yd. across a wheat stuble field ending with a point. I have bird hunted for 30 years and pheasant hunted for 10 years This is the best pup I have ever started.Thank You John & Roman
Location: MO, 

Name: Roman
Comments: I am very excited at the potential of Princess from Rusty and Fritzie's first litter. I wasn't initially looking for a new pup but I am certainly glad this opportunity presented itself to get Princess. She is showing a lot of natural ability already and is with the trainer now. He really likes her and has high hopes for her as a hunting dog as well as a NSTRA dog.
Location: Oklahoma, 

Name: Jason
Comments: Thank you John for the wonderful pup. He's way ahead of schedule and is already a hunting like crazy. You have a great product and should be very proud!!
Location: OK, 

Name: Jon
Comments: Hey John, just surfing the web and looking at sites. Sounds like Fritzie did well this year. I just posted a picture on my home page with a puppy from Pepper/Rusty's litter. He looks pretty good. Take care.
Location: MT, 

Name: Mike
Comments: John, wanted to thank you, Ruger(Crossroads Rockin G's Dixieland Ruger) is very birdie, with a lot of desire his point is very stylish, also very intelligent. He is in MI now with the trainer He needed some bird exposure and basic obedience. Looking forward to run him in NSTRA.
Location: Ohio, 

Name: Brock Russell
Comments: Just a short note to let you know how happy we are with Sadie Sue. She was the only liver and white female from Sues March '08 litter. At ten months old she is doing well at hunting quail and is a great family pet. Iím really impressed with the way she hunts close and naturally works in the direction I want her to go. She points, honors, and retrieves way beyond my expectations at this early stage. Birds arenít very plentiful this year but I still make it out as much as possible to make sure she has the repetition. Sadie is the third German Shorthair Iíve personally owned and hunted with over the past 20 years and I feel very fortunate to have found such a quality dog and breeder. Thank you, again!
Location: Oklahoma, 

Name: Kevin
Comments: John, Just wanted to let you know that Buck is doing great and is a once in a lifetime dog. His conformation is exceptional. He has a great nose and is very biddable and nice to be around. It's hard to find nice black & whites that have the brains, style and conformation that many of the america-bred pointers exhibit, but I think you have found it!
Location: Utah, 

Name: Kenneth Daubney
Comments: I have been really impressed with my pup, Cash, out of Sue's litter. Cash has been finding and pointing birds since he was 10 weeks old. On 10-18 he earned a 110 prize 1 at the oknavhda na test with my little brother handling him. I have been real pleased with this pup.
Location: Ok, 

Name: John Bamberger
Comments: John I just wanted you to know that Bella has turned out to be a wonderful dog. I recieve at least one or two comments a week about what a good looking dog she is. She has been everything I expected and more. Thanks. JB
Location: Texas, 

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